EBOF. Debt collection on time.

We are a modern organization based on the experience and unique competences of our specialists. Using innovative methods and tools over the last decade, we have created a brand that has become a permanent part of the service of domestic and European B2B receivables.

Financial stability

The European Financial Protection Bureau was established with the aim of serving Entrepreneurs. Our extensive experience in the debt collection industry, handling thousands of cases in Poland and abroad, combined with the instability of the Polish market, led us to provide you with a tool that protects your finances.

Debt collection

Debt collection

Debt collection activities undertaken by our specialists consist of a number of selected activities aimed at recovering the Principal's receivables. The main goal of our job is to complete the activities without referring the ordered case to court. The advantage of the EBOF is the selection of appropriate arguments and business forms of pressure on the debt company so the obligations are fulfilled in the shortest possible time.

Thanks to flexible procedures and logical solutions, we are able to immediately determine the financial condition of the debtor and take appropriate steps. EBOF’s success fee model depends entirely on the effectiveness of negotiations and mediation at the business level.

Field B2B collection

Field B2B collection

Operations taken by field negotiators comprehensively cover all activities aimed at reaching the debt entity or its business environment. Verification of the financial condition of the debtor at the place of his activity during an open/secret interview or direct meetings are a perfect complement to office debt collection

The EBOF field structures are specialists with many years of experience, knowledge and competences to acquire, analyze and process valuable information. In our organization, we have B2B debt collection specialists, leasing and banking debt collection specialists, economic intelligence and licensed detectives.

In line with our mission, we treat direct negotiations as one of the support tools or as a separate product in the event of collection seize of leased or security items.

Leasing assets collection

Leasing assets collection

A product dedicated to the banking sector and leasing companies. For many years, one of the pillars of our debt collection.

EBOF field structures acting on behalf of clients are involved in handling active or terminated leasing contracts.

The aim of our specialists activities is to ensure the repayment of the required amount due and to continue the leasing contract.

In the absence of collection, the foundation is to secure the leasing asset as soon as possible and deliver it to the Customer's indicated location.

International debt collection

International debt collection

Our operating activities are performed regardless of the country in which a given debtor has their registered office.

At present, our offer for international debt collection includes not only asserting of claims in out-of-court proceedings but also comprehensive operations at a legal stage, as well as business intelligence and activities undertaken by detectives.

Our advanced solutions and knowledge of legislation in other countries covered by the scope of our operations enable us to assert claims from any debtor in B2B area. The developed model of our activities is the grounds for performing debt collection activities and applying court procedures in compliance with the requirements effective in the debtor’s country.

In EBOF, we continue the development of contacts with foreign sources and partners who - as they are relevant for the registered office of a foreign debtor - provides us with their support worldwide.

The quotation for each accepted order is prepared individually.

Purchase of receivables

Purchase of receivables

One of the fastest ways of obtaining frozen capital.

EBOF purchases receivables from business trading (B2B). Depending on a degree of risk, condition of a debtor, dpd we purchase claims based on an standard assignment or  debt trust assignment .

We mainly purchase :

  • principal amounts of issued VAT invoices;
  • interest receivables on paid invoices;
  • receivables ruled by a legally-binding decision of the court;

Our estimation is based on an analysis of documents proving the existence of liabilities, as well as legal and financial situation of debtors.

Fixing the estimations we present the Client a price quotation, and in case it is rejected – we’ re here to show up the best solution, allowing the settlement of debts in terms of taxes.