Audit of receivables

In their business activity, entrepreneurs quite often encounter the situations when the activities undertaken by court enforcement officers are fruitless.

The question that often arises in such a situations is: What should I do now?

In response to this question, we can provide you with an audit related to receivables after discontinued procedures of debt enforcement by court enforcement officers.  

The objective of the audit is to determine - among others - whether all means of recovering the debt have been applied during the enforcement procedure as well as to verify the debtor’s currently existing property.

In the case of ineffective enforcement against companies and before the commencement of preparation of proceedings against the members of the management board, the audit service supports an entrepreneur in making the decisions whether such a costly process should be continued.

In EBOF , we have appointed a team of specialists that deal with such type of cases. The team consists of employees who perform day-to-day supervision of debt enforcement by court enforcement officers, licensed detectives, lawyers and field negotiators.

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